jordan colley portrait


When I was 8 years old, I made my first video on my grandfather’s camera. We were living in Tennessee and my brother and I were staying with him for the summer. I’m pretty sure the video was terrible, although it did involve an awesome visual effects shot with an action figure and some fishing line.


I never lost the fascination with using images to tell a story. I moved to Los Angeles in 2005 and began working at a music technology company in promotions and artist relations. YouTube was just starting to gain momentum and we began creating videos for our products and artists. That lead to a new role as multimedia designer at another music technology company, where I devoted 100% of my time to video production.


In order to meet all video deadlines, I often coordinated additional work with freelance videographers. This gave me a glimpse into what it was like to hire videographers and where the pain points were as a client. It also helped me see where the workflow could be improved for everyone involved.


In 2012, I left that company to pursue video production with a wider range of clients. I’m passionate about making communication less complicated and connecting with people through images and sound. Today I help organizations build their audiences with visual stories.

I am a videographer and video editor based in Pasadena, California. I work in the Los Angeles area.

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