jordan colley portrait

About four years ago, I left my job as a corporate media designer. After working six years in marketing for various music technology companies, I was ready to start a new chapter and help a broader range of clients. I guess you could call me a videographer and video editor, but what I truly love is solving problems. Video production requires its own set of skills, but looking for simpler solutions and clearer ways to communicate a message is what drives me.

When Vecheli wanted to inspire video viewers with the possibilities of controlling their car with a tablet interface and their voice, we didn’t just whip a camera out and start shooting the prototype. We thought about what impact we wanted to have on the viewer. How would they get a sense of themselves in the story played out in the video? How would they connect with the wonder they had as a child that technology had now made a possibility?

It’s much like taking a test by guessing versus studying. You may get lucky guessing, but studying makes the success more repeatable and becomes a valuable foundation to build on. By looking at video production from a marketing standpoint, we can focus on how to communicate the right message instead of how to make the wrong message look pretty.

I want to use my marketing background to bring a more holistic view to online video production. Far too often, I see videographers and editors solely focusing on how to make their videos look better. That’s hugely important, but it’s not the whole story. Marketing videos shouldn’t be just another addition to someone’s reel on the way to directing Hollywood blockbusters. Let’s respect the time that someone has graciously given us to watch our video and put in the effort to make it something wonderful.

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