jordan colley portrait

When I was eight years old, I filmed a magician levitating a statue. The magician was my brother, Jessie, dressed in one of my grandfather’s robes. The statue was an action figure tied to fishing line.

My grandfather had just purchased a video camera to document family gatherings, but we had other plans. My cousin, Nicol, my brother and I were all staying with him during the summer while our parents worked and we were going to make an epic blockbuster filled with shape-shifting, time traveling, damsels in distress and of course, magic.

I’m sure the film is virtually unwatchable, but I’ll be eternally grateful for the gift my grandfather gave all of us that summer. He gave us the tools to explore our imagination in a way we had never done before and those tools are every bit as inspiring today as they were then.

I am a videographer and video editor based in Pasadena, California. I work in the Los Angeles area.

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